517th Required Uniforms & Gear
The following is required within six (6) months of joining.

M37 wool shirt 
M43 field jacket 
M43 field trousers, rigger modified
M1 infantry helmet or M1C jump helmet 
Jump Boots
M1 Rifle or M1 Carbine or M1A1 Carbine 
M36 Mussette bag
M36 Suspenders
M36 Pistol belt or M1928 Cartridge belt (depending on weapon)
First Aid Pouch
Canteen, Cup and Cover
M43 Entrenching Tool with Cover


517th Optional Uniforms & Gear

The following are optional items you may use to enhance your impression.

Uniform Items
Rigger Modified Infantry Helmet (517th version)
M37 Wool Trousers
M43 Combat Boots (Double-Buckle)
M42 Jump Suit (standard, not reinforced)

M41 Field Jacket
Herringbone Twill Fatigues (HBT's)

Rubberized Raincoat or Poncho

Wool Overcoat

Khaki Shirt

Khaki Trousers
Jeep Cap

Black Beret-Basque (not modern military beret)

Wool "Ike" Jacket with 13th A/B Division Patch
Four Pocket Wool Tunic with 17th A/B Division Patch 

GP Bag
M38 Wire Cutters and Pouch

M1910 Shovel with Cover

Training Gas Mask Bag

Parachute First Aid Kit

Griswold Bag

M1A1 Carbine Scabbard

Shelter Half/Halves

Meat Can (mess kit) and Utensils

Wood Footlocker

Folding Canvas Cot


Weapon Related (appropriate web gear to be worn for weapons)

M1911-A1 .45ACP

M1903 or M1917 Rifle
M3 Grease Gun

Thompson Submachine Gun, M1928 or M1A1

M1919A4 Machine Gun
1919A6 Machine Gun
M9A1 Rocket Launcher (“Bazooka”) demilled

M1 Bayonet with Scabbard

M1918 Trench Knife with Scabbard

M3 Trench Knife with Scabbard

MKII Fragmentation Grenade demilled

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