511th Required Uniforms & Gear

The following is required within six (6) months of joining.

M42 Herring bone twill (HBT) fatigue shirt/jacket, O.D.
M42 HBT trousers, O.D.
M2 or M1c Jump helmet w/ liner, O.D.
M43 HBT cap, O.D.
Jump boots or M43 Combat boots
M36 Musette bag
M36 or M43 Combat suspenders
M1910 Canteen, cup & cover (2)
Jungle first aid kit
M1923 Cartridge belt or M36 Pistol belt
M1943 Entrenching tool w/ cover

511th Optional Uniforms & Gear

The following are optional items you may use to enhance your impression.

M1944 Combat pack (upper & lower)
M1944 Combat suspenders
O.D. Poncho, hoodless
M1910 Pick mattox w/ cover
18" Mechette w/ sheath
M43 "Jungle" pack O.D. or camo
Wire cutters w/ pouch 
Khaki cotton EM shirt, long sleeve w/11th AB patch
Khaki cotton EM trousers
Khaki cotton overseas cap w/branch piping & A/B cap patch

All weapons allowed, will be the same as for F/2/517. Rank structure and unit regulations will also be the same for both impressions.

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