Unit Regulations

Recruits must be 18 years of age. Exceptions may be made if a parent is or becomes a member. Anyone under 18 and wishing to do a non-combatant impression, such as medic, etc., will be considered on a case by case basis. No one under 18 will handle weapons.

All recruits will be evaluated over a 3 event period. After 3 events, if the recruit and the unit wish to continue their relationship, the recruit becomes an "active" member.

Members are required to make a minimum of 2 events per year. If the criteria is not met, the member is put on inactive status for 1 year. If after that, the criteria still has not been met, the member may be dismissed from the unit. Each case will be examined individually and decided on by the active membership.

Members must be in the proper uniform for the specific event. If you are not in proper uniform, you will be asked to leave the event.

Any member asked to leave an event twice in 1 year, will be dismissed.

Other actions that will lead to immediate dismissal:

Disrespecting a Veteran, his family or guests
Under age drinking/Providing alcohol to a minor
Bringing live ammo to an event
Severe insubordination
Wearing of unapproved medals or decorations

Failure to meet the unit's standards & guidelines
Disrespecting the unit or any of its members
Misrepresentation of the unit or historical reenacting

We are not a political group and have no particular political affiliations. This a hobby we do to commemorate World War II and have fun recreating history.

Military courtesies and grooming standards will be adhered to. Always conduct yourself in a military manner.

Use of cell phones or other modern conveniences, must be done outside of the encampment area during public times. Use of modern items at events is discouraged.

There will be an itinerary of activities at each event. All members in attendance will be expected to take part, unless the commander has given permission to do otherwise.

Never forget who we represent and the sacrifices made by our fighting men during World War II.

"Time shall not dim the courage of their deeds."


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