About Us

We are a WW2 living history group, based in the Mid-Atlantic region. We have members across MD, VA, and PA. We participate in World War 2 living history displays, as well as, timeline events, parades, tactical scenarios and airshows.

All current members are experienced in the hobby, and were looking for an exciting, new impression. To get away from the "over-done", we have chosen to portray; Fox company, 2d Battalion of the 517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team.

For certain events or ceremonies, we also portray Baker Company, 1st Battalion, 511th P.I.R., 11th Airborne Division.
This unit fought with distinction in the Pacific Theater of Operations. The 11th Airborne Division answered the call throughout the Philippines, including the rescue of thousands of civilian and political prisoners at Los Banos prison camp. The "Angels" were some of the first "boots on the ground" on mainland Japan, at General MacArthur's request, for occupation duties.

The goal of our association is to accurately portray members of the 517th PRCT / 511th PIR in World War Two. We are dedicated to honoring our nation's veterans and to educate the public about American paratroopers in the greatest conflict in Human history.


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